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This blog is for you, the family caregiver. We know that daily you face heart-wrenching decisions and agonize over the difficult issues that come with caring for an elderly relative at home. “How do I tell Dad it is time for him to stop driving?”, “What do I do when Mom refuses to bathe?”, “How do I balance caring for my parents with keeping my job?” These and many more questions cause untold anguish to so many.

You're Not Alone

It is our fervent desire that you will find here the answers, support, and resources you need to be the best caregiver you can be. If there is ever a question we can answer for you, please let us know by whichever means you feel most comfortable:

Why Consider Home Care?

Mom and Dad took care of you for so many years, but now the tables have turned and they are the ones who needs assistance. But, between work and your own family, you just can’t be there every day. The request of so many older persons is, “Whatever you do, please don’t let me end up in a nursing home!” While there are situations where this is unavoidable, is it possible that some help around the house may be all that is needed to keep mom and dad safe?

When roles change and you’re caring for the person who once cared for you, it can be quite a challenge. It may be awkward to provide needed personal care, encourage them to remain socially active or provide medication reminders. This same assistance from an outside party may be very well received. Many seniors find that their caregiver becomes a true friend, providing so much more than practical assistance.

We understand – taking care of elderly parents at home is a tough but rewarding undertaking and we can help!

What You’ll Find on the Pages of This Blog

Often times, families are starving for more information about the issues and challenges they are facing with their aging loved ones; but do not know where to turn for advice. As always, we consider the advice of the primary care physician to be the final stop, but it is nice to hear from and exchange with others that may find themselves in the same stressful situation.

You will notice several buttons to the right of the screen. These shortcuts are designed not only to inform you about Home Instead Senior Care, but also to allow you to stay current on updates or comments to our blog. Everyone has the power to influence and make a difference in another person’s life. Your story or your experience may be the difference for someone else reading this blog so if you feel that you have an experience someone could benefit from, share it.

Other Ways to Find Support

Our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts are updated several times a week. They make it easy to have a casual exchange of information and we hope to meet up with you there!

About the Owners

Matt Cohn is a native of Baton Rouge and has been the proud owner of Home Instead Senior Care since February 2001. He and his wife Ainsley have two sons: Grant and Everett. Matt is a graduate of Catholic High School in Baton Rouge and Louisiana State University. It was at LSU that he learned of the Home Instead Senior Care opportunity when the company’s founder, Paul Hogan, was speaking to a franchising course that Matt was enrolled in. After recognizing the need for this service in both his and Ainsley’s family, he decided to pursue a franchise of his own.

Ainsley Cohn, a graduate of St. Joseph’s Academy and the Louisiana State University Holmes program, holds a Master’s degree in Education. “Family is extremely important to me,” says Ainsley. “That is why it is so rewarding to see not only how Home Instead Senior Care makes a difference in the lives of our clients, but also in the lives of their family members. The ability to relieve some of the day to day pressures of our clients and their family members means they can spend more time enjoying each other’s company.”

Both Matt and Ainsley have worked extremely hard over the years to provide their clients with the highest level of non-medical care, starting with the quality of the management team they employ.

Feel like you need help with caring for your mom or dad right now? Please call us at 225.819.8338 any time, day or night for a free, no-obligation consultation. You may be surprised at how affordable it is to get the help you and your parents need to help them remain independent, happy and safe.