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How do you know you can trust your caregiver?

“I love taking care of the elderly and people like this make me sick.”  - Jennifer
“Disgusting!  I have had personal experience with someone stealing money from an elderly relative and even got Adult Protective Services involved.”  - Betty
“People like this give care givers bad names.  I [have] been taking care of others for over 20 years.”  - Barbara

About what are all these concerned individuals speaking?  The shocking and heartbreaking news coming out of Tuscon, Arizona:  a married couple who own and operate an adult home care company has been charged with stealing more than $150,000 from a 92 year old patient in their care.  Between July 2012 and February 2013, Joseph and Rebecca Wingate got power of attorney from the woman and changed her will.  The patient had never given the accused access to her trust, or allowed the Wingates to change her will, making their family the heirs.

What did the Wingates do with the extorted funds?  Investigators found that among miscellaneous purchases, they went to Disneyland, purchased a van, and began construction of a new garage on their home.  Appalling, to say the least.

If you are in the position of caring for a loved one and need supplementary help in caregiving, you are likely worried about your loved one being taken advantage of.  What can you do to prevent situations like this from happening?  How can you find trustworthy home care?  Use good sense and trust your instincts when choosing a home care provider.  Choose a company that has an excellent reputation and years of quality home care delivered.  Ask questions until you are satisfied.  Are the home caregivers insured and bonded?  Are background checks done on the providers?  Is care taken to ensure that your loved one is matched with a caregiver they will enjoy being around?  Are you given the chance to meet with the caregiver-to-be before an assignment is made?

Advocate for your loved one, and never back down until you are content and satisfied.  We agree that nothing is more important than your loved one’s happiness, safety and security.

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