Happy to have a caregiver

Happy to be together – in their own home.

I’m so glad for my parents’ home caregiver.

Here’s our story. My mother and father are in their late 80s and have been married over 62 years. Mom has degenerative arthritis and her condition has progressed to the point that she is no longer able to stand in an upright position. She cannot use the facilities on her own anymore, as she is not able to adjust her own clothing afterward. It is a heartbreaking reality for her, and it breaks my heart as well. My father, while in better condition physically, is older, and I’ve seen him weaken over the past year to the point that he won’t leave the house without a walker. He does not have the strength anymore to attend to Mom’s needs.

One of four children, I live over two hours away from Mom and Dad, and am in relatively poor health myself.   I stop in every other week and help with light cleaning and meal preparation.  The rest of my family lives closer, and they are great at taking turns with stopping by daily and checking on their needs.  I’m so thankful to be part of a  family that genuinely cares about our parents. Naturally, we don’t always agree on their care, but we try to put their needs first.

That’s where Mom and Dad’s home health caregiver helps out so much. She stops by every other day and takes care of some of the finer points of their care: bathing, sanitizing the facilities, special laundry care. What a relief for them to have someone specially trained to care for their needs; a person who compassionately cares for them without them having to feel embarrassed. It allows them to keep their dignity in an increasingly undignified time in their life.

In the meantime, I’m proud to have brothers and sisters who stop by and take care of grocery shopping, appointments, dusting, dishes, and lawn care. We’re all committed to having them stay in their own home. Thanks in no small part to their caregiver, we’re all succeeding.


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