Compatibility is Key

The services we provide are very personal and when we meet one-on-one with families, we customize our services to meet the needs of each individual. We also recognize the importance of making the best caregiver personality match for each client, because compatibility is the key.

Worried that your parents will not be accepting of a caregiver coming into their home?

As with anything new, there is an adjustment period. With our team’s experience and our techniques for finding the right CAREGiver to provide services to your parents, we can make this a smooth transition. One reason we like to get to know activities or foods that your parents enjoy is because we can find a CAREGiver that matches their likes.

If your Mom enjoys working outside and planting flowers, our CAREGiver can help her. If your Dad is talkative and likes to share his war stories or talk about current events, our CAREGivers can be good listeners and provide great conversation to help fulfill your Dad wants and needs.

Worried that your Mom’s dog – Sophie will not be accepted? Your Grandfather’s ornery personality will be too much of a challenge?

We would place a CAREGiver who likes animals with your Mom. If your Grandfather has his ornery moments, we would look for a CAREGiver who understands and relates well to this type of personality.

What if we are not pleased with the CAREGiver you send?

We want you to be happy and satisfied with your CAREGiver. If there is a small problem we can adjust and work on with the CAREGiver, we like the opportunity to be able to correct and provide positive direction for them. If we just need to find a more suitable CAREGiver for you – that’s what we do. We want it to be a win-win for both our Clients and CAREGivers.